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Red Wool Cage Crinoline

Red Wool Cage Crinoline
C.1858-1861. A late 1850's / early 1860's dome shaped cage crinoline of moderate size that would have been worn by a middle class woman as daywear.
The V&A have an identical one dated 1858, but their's is a regular natural colored cotton twill type cage crinoline.
The tapes are made out of scarlet red wool and the wires are also covered in red wool. The waistband is made out of natural colored heavy duty linen with a linen covered button. This crinoline has 29 hoops, all of which are in excellent condition with the exception of one of the middle hoops at the back, where there is a period repair done with a strip old black moire taffeta.
There are a couple of places on the red tapes and the wires that show some fraying due to wear. The bottom hoop measures 83" all around, the length is 38" and the waist is a large 35 1/2".
(L. Hidic)