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Regency Stockings

Regency Stockings
C.1830-1840. A pair of white cotton homemade stockings.
These are VERY HARD TO FIND, even more so as they were ones that would have been worn as normal day wear and not generally saved, as they weren't as pretty as special occasion stockings were. They are completely handsewn and have pink stripes around the leg cuffs at the top with 'EP' embroidered in brown silk on each leg cuff.
The stockings are short, as was commonly worn, and would have been tied with ribbon garters just below the knee. They measure approx 22 1/2". They have back seams and the toes are cut perfectly square as became the style after 1827. This lasted until the late 1850's, when stockings started to follow the natural line of the foot with rounded toes. (Formerly L. Hidic)