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Macao Made Slippers

Macao Made Slippers
These slippers date to C.1858-1861. They were extremely fashionable in their day, and are made out of royal blue grosgrain silk covered on the outside with finely woven straw that is meant to look like lace.
The bows on the vamps are made out of silk. The straw netting lace was made in Macao (China) during the late 1850's for export to the western world. Lined in white kidskin and made on almost straight lasts, both leather soles are cut with a very slight left and right (right and left shoes, didn't start to become really popular until 1865, even then they weren't fully accepted).
Approx. a US ladies size 7/ UK size 5, approx. 2 7/8" wide.
(L. Hidic)