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1840's Slippers

If you compare these slippers to the 1829 ones, you can still see a slightly tapered square toe similar to the regency slippers, but which has become broader, like later shoes (see Macao Made Slippers).
This pair is made out of pale pink silk with white kidskin lining. They still have their original label inside the left shoe, "Ball & Son Makers 26, High street Kensington London". Written inside, in old ink, is 'Mrs. Pearston' and the letter "R" marking the right foot. The shoe measures 9 1/2" long and just about 3" wide. The leather sole is cut with a right and left last (quite unusual for this period, but could have been a special request). It also measures only 2" wide, but there are marks of Mrs. Pearston's feet spreading over the sole and walking on the fabric. They would have had silk ribbons to tie around the legs, but all that remains are little ribbon stumps on the shoes showing where the ribbon would have gone.
(Formerly L. Hidic)