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C. 1829 Slippers

C. 1829 Slippers
While a bit more regency than Victorian, this style of slipper would be worn into the 1860s and be worn by older women as house shoes much later on. The date of '29 is written on the inside of the shoe.
They are built on straight lasts, and are made out of pale pink silk with silk bows on the vamp. Lined in white kid.
The toe narrows down into a square instead of being broad square shaped all the way to the toe, as later mid 19th century shoes would be. They are transitional in style from regency (the tapered shape of the toe), while foreshadowing early Victorian styles. Approx a US 4- 5, UK 2- 3. 2" wide but there are feet marks and a wear hole to show how the foot spread over the sole and the owner ended up walking on the fabric. (Formerly L. Hidic)