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Pink Silk Coal Shuttle Bonnet

Pink Silk Coal Shuttle Bonnet
C.1845. This style of bonnet was known as a "coal shuttle" bonnet, due to the straight horizontal line from the front of the bonnet to the back, and the fact that it was long at the sides, extending slightly out in front of the face (although not quite so far as earlier Poke bonnets had).
These bonnets were popular during the mid 1840's and would later evolve by grow shorter at the sides and higher at the front, turning into the Spoon bonnet of the 1850's and 1860's. The front of the bonnet is made out of silk covered cardboard, with a wire all around the front to keep the circle shape. The inside of the brim is lined in white china silk. The back area of the bonnet is lined in buckram. There is a bavolet (curtain) at the back to cover the neck.
There are no ties that remain but they would have been sewn inside the bonnet, near the ears. (Formerly L. Hidic)