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Flounced Skirt

Flounced Skirt
C.1857-1860. Black taffeta skirt with 6 taffeta flounces with black and white checked trim around the edges.
Flounced skirts were very popular in the 1850's before and after the crinoline was invented. Before the cage crinoline, the flounces would give the appearance of the skirt being more fuller and after the hoop, the flounces would add even more to the volume of the skirt. This skirt is a day wear skirt, as evening skirts would have had many rows of flounces, daywear skirts usually had 3 to 6.
The skirt is shown over a late 1850's dome shaped crinoline. The skirt is gauged all around the silk moire ribbon waistband to accommodate a perfectly round dome shaped hoop. Lined in brown cotton with a hidden pocket at the left side. The waistband has two sets of hooks 'n eyes for fat days and skinny days (yes, women had them then too). The smallest measurement is 25" and second waist size is 27". The hem of the skirt measures 104" all around.
The flounced skirt fell out of favour for day wear with the fashionable crowd around 1863, but remained on average women's wear, usually around the hem, well into the 1860's and flounces stayed popular for evening wear. (Formerly L. Hidic)