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Fringed Bodice

Fringed Bodice
C.1853-1855. When people imagine Victorian clothing, they imagine black and very sombre colors. This bodice however, disproves that old stereotype!
The bodice dates from the very early 1850's and is made out of beige silk moire. Blue and white fringe and trim decorates the entire bodice. The bodice has the typical 1840's and 1850's V shaped pattern at the front and back to show off a trim waist. The sleeves are Pagoda sleeves, and feature runching around each elbow.
This early peice is for display or pattern making only! It is too fragile to be worn (except for a quick photo in it), but would make a wonderful display. There is the typical underarm damage, and there is a 2 1/2" split in the fabric at the back of the neck at the top (this is NOT shattering silk but the split is from improper storage where the bodice was folded). That would have been it for the damage (which is pretty amazing considering how long it's survived) except the STUPID dealer I bought it off of, let his daughter's rabbit munch on 3 of the bodice peplum tabs at the back!!!! I was so angry when I heard this, who in their right mind would willingly let a pet destroy an item of historic costume. Anyways I couldn't let the bodice stay with these imbeciles. I believe the damage could be camoflaged somehow or I would just leave it. Thankfully, the moire taffeta is still as lovely as it must have been when it was new!
Bust measures 32", waist 24 1/2". Fastens at the waist with brass hook 'n eyes and would have been worn with a chemisette inserted in the V neckline. Bodice is lined in cotton drill, unboned and is completely handsewn. (Formerly L. Hidic)