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Printed Cotton Bodice

Printed Cotton Bodice
c. 1810. A white cotton high waisted bodice with a purple printed floral pattern.
Printed cottons were very popular during the Regency era. This one has a low drawstring neckline and is lined with a separate fastening linen "underbodice". The back of the bodice has inverted V groves cut into the bottom hem at each hip side of the bodice. This would allow for the bodice to be tucked into the skirt but still allow for the back peplum to hang over the back off the skirt and a small padded bustle (bum roll).
One side of the front "basque" area is missing. These sides would have been tucked into the skirt. The bust is gathered and could be adjusted by the drawstring according to the bust size.
Entirely handsewn with minute stitches. The size is very small. Approx. a 30"- 32" bust.(Formerly from the collection of Leila Hidic)