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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

Day dress

Day dress
C. 1858-1860 cotton day dress. These cotton dresses were extremely popular for day wear during the late 1850's/ early 1860's.
This is a transitional dress between the two decades showing the new rounded higher waistline which would become fashionable in the 1860's but still has flounces on the skirt and pagoda sleeves which marked 1850's dresses (these two items would fall out of favour with the fashionable crowd in the early 1860's but still be worn to a lesser extent by the general public).
T he skirt would have been worn over a dome shaped cage crinoline (note all the cartridge pleating all around the waist line to accommodate a large dome hoop) which became popular in the mid 1850's and the dress probably would have been worn by a young lady in her teens or early 20s.
(Image courtesy of Mrs. E Huggins)